The Elements Journal - Issue Two


The Elements Journal - Issue Two

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All pre-orders will be posted out on the 14th December.

Features interviews with Vast Project founder and lead singer of The Panics, Jae Laffer, artist Chloe Wilder, big wave surfer Chris Ross, singer Valentine, Catherine and Russell Ord and other amazing humans.

Plus music for road trips by Tom de Souza, ‘Trove’, a photographic essay by Paris Hawken and ‘Americar’, a travel feature by Sarah Robinson.

Photos by Paris Hawken, Russell Ord and Mark Boskell with guest photographer Rae Marie Threnoworth. Written by Sarah Robinson, Anthony Pancia, Tom de Souza, Ashleigh Harris and Erin Molloy.

Art by Tim Kerr, Penny Hepburn, Chloe Wilder and Joel Ebsworth.

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