The day after the day of all days, why is there no lineups of Big Saturday you may be wondering? 

The so called photographer in question would rather surf than pull out his camera and take photos is the simple answer. Surf may be a big call also, avoiding bombs on the outside reefs would be more the case. Gray, Boatramp Mick and Big wave Dave (making this up as I go) managed a couple of crazy waves on the back bubble with local ding repair guru and big wave charger Dutzy taking a dive to the bottom, ripping out his legrope plugs, swimming to shore, repairing his own board and paddling back out for the arvo session – great effort.

Topping that is reports of James “The Pom” Hick hitching a ride to paddle Cow Bombie on his own with a handful of tow teams buzzing around. James managed a few waves before a 20 foot plus wave caught him out of position, lucky for him he was born with gills and can breath hold for 5 minutes. Local surf photographer Jamie Scott milked the cow so to speak, capturing some of the biggest waves of the year and no doubt we will have to wait patiently for the print versions. Carpark talk is that Mick Corbett was backdooring 30ft plus waves… crazy day and we look forward to seeing the results.